Aleister Black On Being Compared To The Undertaker

Aleister Black
Aleister Black

NXT has seen a number of dark characters over the past few years but none of them bear the striking resemblance to the Undertaker like the former NXT Champion Aleister Black.

Much like Taker, Black is considered a loner and has a mysterious aura around his character which instantly reminds people of the Last Outlaw, but the former Champion doesn’t see himself as the modern-day Dead Man.

During his latest appearance on Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia, the NXT star talked about this comparison and explained why he is different than the former World Champion.

Aleister said that he understands why people think this because there is an element in him that has a dark side but there is only one Undertaker and he can never fill that void.

He then claimed that similarly there is only one Aleister Black. He is the first one. There is never going to be a second one and he would not feel comfortable saying that he is a modern-day version of the Phenom.

Finally Black explained that darkness is darkness by definition but it can be interpreted in many ways, implying that his way of expressing it is different.

Do you think Aleister Black will be able to fill the void Bray Wyatt failed to when he arrived on the main roster? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.