Aleister Black Shuts Down Fan Who Accuses Him Of Body Shaming Lana

Lesson: Think twice before talking trash to Aleister Black

Aleister Black Lana

Aleister Black and Lana had a contentious exchange on social media that involved them criticizing each others’ appearance and Black shutting down a fan who tried to call him out for body shaming.

Tonight on SmackDown Live, Aleister Black teams up with Ricochet and the Hardy Boyz against Rusev, Shinsuke Nakamura and The Bar. Matt Hardy hyped the contest on Twitter by saying he, Jeff, Ricochet and Black were a “Dream Team Xtreme.”

Lana took exception with that claim by running down the babyface team of misfits. She joked that it’s hard to get excited about the Hardys returning for the 17,000th. She also said Ricochet just “flips around the ring with no emotion.”

Lana got the most personal with Aleister Black. She accuses him of tattooing his body extensively because he was so “ordinary” and insecure.

Black rightfully shot back at Lana for calling out the modifications he’s made to his body. He implied she is a hypocrite for calling him out for getting tattoos when she appears to have ‘enhanced’ herself in various ways over the years.

A fan on Twitter told Black that he was “body shaming” Lana and probably regretted doing so afterwards.