Aleister Black’s Potential Challenger Teased On SmackDown Live

Someone finally answers The Harbinger of Fury...

Aleister Black, who was recently separated from Ricochet as part of a tag team, has not been seen in the ring for a couple of months. Where he is seen though, is in some ominous vignettes airing on SmackDown Live.

In these vignettes, Black asks for someone to step up and challenge him by “knocking on his door”, and on this week’s SmackDown Live, someone finally answered Black’s pleadings.

In the video, Black talks about how frustrated he is because seemingly no one has the guts to face them. And that’s exactly when we hear a knock on the door – and the vignette ends on a cliffhanger, without revealing who it was.

The internet has been speculating who Black’s opponent could be. One fan theory that’s making the rounds on the net suggests that the Firefly Fun House’s character sightings on the same episode of SmackDown are related and the person who knocked could be Bray Wyatt.

On the other hand, Twitter account WrestleVotes, which has broken some stories in the past says that Black is scheduled to work Extreme Rules and WWE has decided that his opponent will be Cesaro. We would like to remind our readers to take this report as a rumor as WrestleVotes themselves are saying that they “can’t 100% confirm” Black’s opponent. Also, Cesaro is on Raw, but so was Black until he was re-drafted to SmackDown due to his real-life wife Zelina Vega being drafted there.

The opponent will most likely be revealed next week and it will be interesting to see who it ends up being.