Alex Riley Opens Up About Negative Relationship With John Cena

Former WWE Superstar Alex Riley has provided some insight into his negative relationship with John Cena.

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Former WWE Superstar Alex Riley has opened up about the issues between himself and John Cena. Speaking candidly with Chris Van Vliet, Riley reflected on how the problems between himself and Cena stemmed from “two men just not liking each other.”

“As sad as that is, it had an impact on my career because he is who he is,” Riley explained. “I just happened to be in a situation where, right from the start, it was just … he didn’t like me. I just don’t think he did. I tried to change that the best I could. I worked very hard and tried to do the best I could to grow and learn and fit in in the way a wrestler fits in and he wanted me to fit in. It just kinda got to the point where, a little bit, even some of the other guys would kinda be like, ‘what’s up with that?’ ‘I don’t know.’ So it was a tough situation.”

Alex Riley & John Cena’s Argument

Riley shared an occasion between them where a mistake was made. He couldn’t remember who had made the mistake itself but confessed that they subsequently got into a “little bit of an argument.” Trying to make amends, Riley explained how he went straight to Cena the next day to try and apologize.

He believed that Cena was offended by what had transpired. Riley reiterated that their working relationship boiled down to “two grown men that just didn’t see eye-to-eye at the time.” He added that he isn’t holding on to any grudges as he isn’t interested in having things like that hang over him.

Riley was a part of NXT in 2010 before his main roster association with The Miz. He was with WWE until he was released from his contract in 2016.

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