Alexa Bliss Believes Asuka To Be Part Of “Evolution To The Women’s Revolution”

RAW’s Women’s Champion, Alexa Bliss, recently spoke to Channel Magazine about the “Unleash Your Warrior” breast cancer campaign and why pink is her favourite colour.  The interview also included comments on her relationship with Nia Jax, working with Mickie James in the ring, and Asuka’s arrival to RAW. Here are some highlights:

How Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax first met:

“We have the talent help out with the tryouts to make sure everything goes smoothly or if someone who is doing the try out needs help. I remember during the talent lunch break, Nia comes up to me as I’m doing cardio on the treadmill. She just comes up to me and starts talking to me like she has never met a stranger in her life. We instantly clicked and have been best friends ever since.”

Working with Mickie James in the ring:

“Mickie is so amazing because she has so many ideas. She is a wealth of knowledge since she has been in the business for so long. She is super sweet and open to ideas. I’m looking forward to continuing our program. She always says, ‘Well, I’m six one way and half dozen the other.’ We always go that she makes scrambled eggs. That’s not a thing she taught us. If it doesn’t work out today, it will tomorrow. Six one way and half dozen the other. It happens. Things can work out tomorrow. She is very casual that way, which keeps it a stress-free environment. That is so nice to have.”

However, at the bottom of the article Bliss mentions the arrival of Asuka to RAW at TLC on October 22nd, stating that:

“I know after the Four Horsewomen, any women that comes up after has to be the evolution to the women’s revolution. I think Asuka is just the person to do that. We are all excited about being a part of everything happening.”

It’s clear that talent is not missing from the Women’s division, on RAW or SmackDown Live, but Asuka appears to be setting the bar higher than ever before.  This is even more apparent as we see superstars fighting over who gets to be involved in Asuka’s first match at RAW’s next PPV: TLC

Opinion: As Alexa says in the interview, it’s a great time to be part of the women’s division on RAW.  “Evolution of the Women’s Revolution” sounds like a beautiful piece of marketing and this should be used to be prepare the WWE Universe for Asuka’s arrival and the step up that will come with it.

I think that Asuka vs Charlotte is the ultimate goal, but neither of them will be moving brand before Wrestlemania in April so we’ll have to wait to see all potential dream match ups.