Alexa Bliss Comments On Ronda Rousey’s WWE Run Thus Far

Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss will defend her Raw Women’s Championship against Ronda Rousey at SummerSlam. Bliss was a guest on the Cheap Seats podcast and gave her opinion on Rousey’s WWE run so far.

“I am absolutely impressed, Bliss said. “She does really well at her facial expressions, which I appreciate because I am really big on facial expressions. It is really easy to appreciate the fact that you know she has been hit before, and you know that pain, you have that emotional connection to her one way or another when you watch her perform. I was very impressed with her match against Nia Jax, and also her match at WrestleMania with Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, it was just awesome. I am very proud of her and it’ll be fun to see where things go with that.”

Alexa Bliss On Babyface Move-sets and Heel Move-Sets

Bliss has her detractors who say her in-ring work is not as good as other athletes on the roster. She believes, however, this is only because she is a heel and utilizes a less crowd-friendly move-set as a result.

“I don’t, but here’s the thing, I’m a bad guy,” Bliss stated. “Who likes a bad guy that does a lot of flashy things? You know what I mean? It is my job to be hated, so if that means coming in when the opportunity is right and cashing in on other people’s misfortunes in the ring that is what I am going to do.

“Now, when I become a good guy are people going to see a brand new skill set from me? Absolutely. Right now, my job isn’t to wow the crowd with my in-ring ability,” she continued. “My job is to be hated, which is what I love to do. My job is to be hated because people get that much madder when I win a title because they talk about me not being able to wrestle in the ring—I can, but I am choosing not to, and the fact that when I win and they are getting angry that only means that I am doing my job that much more.”

Transcriptions via WrestlingInc