Alexa Bliss Gets Pranked, 30 Greatest SummerSlam Moments, Controversial SummerSlam Endings (Videos)

30 greatest SummerSlam moments

WWE has released a special edition of their Top 10 lists. In the latest episode, WWE counts down the 30 greatest moments in SummerSlam history. The list includes DX entering the arena in a tank, Brock Lesnar defeating The Rock, Nikki Bella betraying Brie, Finn Balor winning the Universal Championship and more. You can check out the entire list in the video below.

Nia Jax surprises Alexa Bliss 

RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss celebrated her birthday a few days ago. WWE Superstar Nia Jax uploaded a video earlier today on Instagram of her and Mike Rome surprising Alexa Bliss with silly string as the crowd sang “Happy Birthday”. Nia Jax will face Sasha Banks on Monday’s episode of WWE RAW. The winner will go on to face Alexa Bliss at WWE SummerSlam of the RAW Women’s Championship.

5 most controversial SummerSlam endings

WWE uploaded a new video narrated by Corey Graves that discussed the most controversial finishes to SummerSlam. The list included Triple H costing Daniel Bryan the title, Brock Lesnar’s match against The Undertaker and more. You can check out the entire list in the video below.