Alexa Bliss Shows Off Dramatic New Look (Update: False Alarm)

Alexa Bliss teased a dramatically different look for WrestleMania ...

Alexa Bliss New Look

Alexa Bliss posted a photo on Twitter on Wednesday showing off a dramatically different look. The former Raw Women’s Champion is set to host WrestleMania 35 next weekend.

With just over a week until the event, Bliss decided to change her signature blonde hair – or did she? Earlier in the day, she posted a video on Twitter asking followers if she should change her look, or keep it the same.

As seen below, Bliss was sporting dark brown hair with auburn and blonde highlights. It’s a radical departure from what we’ve seen from her.

Update: It turns out Alexa Bliss was just messing around about no longer having blonde hair.

She posted a few photos of the “finished product,” which you can see below. Knowing she fooled fans and several wrestling news sites that jumped on the earth-shattering development, she tagged the photos with #GotYa.

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