Alexa Bliss Talks How WWE Locker Room Found Out About Becky Lynch’s Pregnancy

Alexa Bliss shared if anyone knew in advance

Becky Lynch Alexa Bliss
Becky Lynch Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss recently did an interview with The Express where she spoke about the big news that Becky Lynch shared on an episode of Monday Night RAW earlier this month. 

Lynch vacated the WWE RAW Women’s Championship, which was awarded to Asuka, right before she announced her pregnancy. She’s been engaged to Seth Rollins since August.

It turns out that the WWE locker room found out about Lynch’s pregnant during the segment as WWE had kept it a secret aside from a small group of people who knew about it. 

“No actually, we all found out at the same time when she announced it. Nobody knew, everyone kept it very secret which they should because that is her news to announce, which is awesome and we’re all so happy and excited for. 

I did reference it on Moment of Bliss and it wasn’t even on my script. So we had to add it in after because it was kept so secret, which it should be because that’s their exciting news to announce.”

Bliss continued by noting how everyone was so excited and all the girls were smiling. She stated that it was great because Lynch had such an amazing year. She recalled congratulating Lynch and told her that everyone was so happy for her. 

However, at the time, Lynch had a camera crew with her so she didn’t want to bug her with everything going on in addition to everyone coming up to Lynch congratulating her. 

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