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ALL IN takes place this Saturday night from Hoffman Estates, Illinois at the Sears Centre Arena. The card for the first-ever ALL IN event is loaded, with some of the best independent and international talent on the planet.

The main event for Saturday’s pay-per-view will see Rey Mysterio, Fenix and Bandido team up to take on the trio of The Young Bucks and Kota Ibushi in six-man tag-team action. Other headline bouts scheduled for the card include Cody vs. Nick Aldis for the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship and PWI 500’s number one wrestler of the year, Kenny Omega, going one-on-one against Pentagon.

For a detailed breakdown on what to expect at Saturday’s ALL IN event, check out our extensive ALL IN page by clicking here.

SEScoops staff writers Brad Davis, Ian Carey and Andrew Ravens have prepared their predictions for each of the matches scheduled for Saturday’s big event. Without further adieu, here are the SEScoops Staff Predictions for ALL IN.

The Briscoe Brothers vs. SoCal Uncensored (Pre-Show)

Brad: I’m glad the Briscoe Brothers are booked for this show. They have been one of my favorite non-WWE tag teams for the better part of a decade. (Prediction: The Briscoe Brothers)

Ian: This match was set up on the latest episode of Ring of Honor television. Daniels defeated Jay Briscoe via DQ when Mark ran in with a chair. I think I have to give the Briscoes the edge in this match over SCU. While the faction from Southern California might play a key role on the Being the Elite series, the Briscoes are not a team which loses often. I don’t believe they will come out on the losing end at All In either. (Prediction: The Briscoe Brothers)

Andrew: I have Kaz and Sky going over in this match for a main reason. Kaz and Christopher Daniels are slated to challenge The Briscoes for the ROH Tag Team Titles at the Death Before Dishonor show where the champions will likely retain. Basic booking 101 says Kaz and Sky get the win and have Briscoes avenge their loss at the PPV event. (Prediction: SoCal Uncensored)

CONSENSUS: 2-1 for The Briscoe Brothers

Over Budget Battle Royal (Pre-Show)

Brad: The Battle Royal is a fun idea that will allow for some surprises. Maybe this is an obvious call, but I expect Flip Gordon to be a surprise entrant and win. Possibly in a bear costume. (Prediction: Flip Gordon)

Ian: This really could be anyone. Only 11 participants have been announced as of this writing and pretty much everyone in wrestling not signed to WWE will be in Chicago this weekend. The winner will move on to face Jay Lethal on the main show but recent evidence suggests they will actually be taking on Lethal’s Macho Man-inspired character instead. I’ll put my money on Brian Cage to win the Battle Royal. (Prediction: Brian Cage)

Andrew: This is really a pick em match here as there are a few names that could win. One name stands out to me which is Brian Cage and I think he wins it here. It sets up for a nice match against Jay Lethal later in the show and would have an Impact vs. ROH match on the card, which would be a nice treat. Plus, Cage has been booked strong while in Impact. (Prediction: Brian Cage)

CONSENSUS: 2-1 for Brian Cage

Hangman Page vs. Joey Janela (Chicago Street Fight)

Brad: Joey Janela has solidified himself as a rising star on the independent scene. His matches have a tendency to get pretty violent, which shouldn’t be a problem for Hangman. The Bullet Club blue chipper has a chance to make an impact on the biggest stage of his career. (Prediction: Hangman Page)

Ian: In a match which has just been announced as a Chicago Street Fight, I’m predicting Joey Janela defeats Hangman Page. With all the murder suspicions hanging over Page’s head I’m not sure how he’ll be able to focus on this match. Also, the No DQ rules could potentially allow the ghost of Joey Ryan to interfere. (Prediction: Joey Janela)

Andrew: Page has been on fire over the last few months as he continues to shine as the next up and coming top guy. Although Janela could win it, it makes more sense to have Page go over in this contest that should be a fun match. (Prediction: Hangman Page)

CONSENSUS: 2-1 for Hangman Page

Stephen Amell vs. Christopher Daniels

Brad: The “Arrow” star makes his singles debut against the veteran Daniels. It’s smart booking to pair the rookie with a former ROH World Champion. I expect Daniels to help carry Amell to a solid match, but Daniels will use some heel tactics to get the win on the inexperienced newcomer. (Prediction: Christopher Daniels)

Ian: Stephen Amell from the hit show “Arrow” will take on SCU’s Christopher Daniels at All In. It’s likely that Daniels was chosen to work a match with the inexperienced Amell in order to guide him through it. I can’t see Cody booking Amell to lose here, not when he likely wants to continue his recurring role on his show. (Prediction: Stephen Amell)

Andrew: I’m really intrigued to see how Amell does in this match as he continues to learn the art of pro wrestling and to have him wrestling a guy like Daniels, is a great matchup as Daniels is a well-respected veteran. An easy pick here with Amell going over due to his celebrity status. (Prediction: Stephen Amell)

CONSENSUS: 2-1 for Stephen Amell

Tessa Blanchard vs. Madison Rayne vs. Chelsea Green vs. Britt Baker

Brad: I am not a huge fan of 4-way matchers, but it is a chance to get four talented performers on the card. (Prediction: Tessa Blanchard)

Ian: I’m going to give Tessa Blanchard the edge in this one. Of all the women entered into this match, her star seems to shine the brightest. That isn’t to say the others aren’t talented in their own right, however. Blanchard is quickly becoming one of the best in her field, however. (Prediction: Tessa Blanchard)

Andrew: Any one of these talents could win this match, which should be one of the better matches on the card. I have Blanchard going over here due to her ongoing status with Impact Wrestling and someone who could steal a quick win after a rapid finish. (Prediction: Tessa Blanchard)

CONSENSUS: 3-0 for Tessa Blanchard

Jay Lethal vs. Battle Royal Winner (ROH World Title)

Brad: This prediction really hinges on who wins the kickoff show Battle Royal. That said, I think Flip Gordon is the man to challenge Jay Lethal here. Flip is not even booked for All In, but that will make things that much sweeter when he goes all the way. (Prediction: Flip Gordon wins ROH World Title)

Ian: Based on my previous prediction, Lethal should take on Brian Cage here. On the latest episode of Being the Elite, Lethal continue to fall into his old Macho Man styled character. His Black Machismo gimmick said on the most recent episode that he will be going to All In and not Lethal. I can’t see ROH having him drop the belt while portraying his Macho Man gimmick. Therefore, I think he’ll win. (Prediction: Jay Lethal)

Andrew: Since I have Brian Cage winning the battle royale, this is going to be a match that has the potential to steal the show. It makes no sense to have Lethal drop the title here no matter who he faces as ROH has a PPV in a few weeks with all of the TV built around that match that obviously has Lethal as champion. Thus, Lethal retains. (Prediction: Jay Lethal)

CONSENSUS: 2-1 for Jay Lethal retaining the ROH World Title

Kazuchika Okada vs. Marty Scurll

Brad: Okada adds some big-time star power to All in. Scurll’s profile is elevated by working with the former IWGP Heavyweight Champion. I am excited to see Okada in person for the first time. Marty will hopefully put on the performance of his life, but I can’t see Okada losing in his biggest match in the Untied States to date. (Prediction: Kazuchika Okada)

Ian: Kazuchika Okada has joked that after he beats Marty Scurll, he’ll send the Villain packing to 205 Live. Scurll cut a promo on BTE this week basically telling fans they won’t see the comedic Scurll, but rather the dastardly serious Villain. Scurll’s been trying to bulk up to show he can be a heavwyeight but i expect Okada to come away with the victory at All In. (Prediction: Kazuchika Okada)

Andrew: Although I loved the fiery promo that Scurll cut on the latest episode of Being The Elite about this match, having Scurll go over here is not likely and to be honest, which would not make much sense despite his popularity. Aside from Kenny Omega, Okada is one of the top NJPW stars and wouldn’t make storyline sense for him to lose to a light heavyweight wrestler. Okada makes it rain and wins. (Prediction: Kazuchika Okada)

CONSENSUS: 3-0 for Kazuchika Okada

Kenny Omega vs. Pentagon

Brad: Omega vs. Pentagon could also steal the show, which I know is a very safe and obvious statement. Omega is the reigning IWGP Heavyweight Champion and arguably the best wrestler alive today. Pentagon is one of the most popular independent wrestlers in the world and has held championship gold all across the world. I expect these two to tear the house down. (Prediction: Kenny Omega)

Ian: There is no way the IWGP Heavyweight Champion is going to lose this match. The only way NJPW would allow him to lose is if it led to a match for their promotion which this one will not. It’ll be a great match but the result here isn’t in question. (Prediction: Kenny Omega)

Andrew: It will be interesting to see what shape Omega is in coming into this match due to his matches during the G1 tournament despite it ending a few weeks ago. That’s the storyline reason for this match not being the main event at least. Either way, Omega is the top star for NJPW and really should go over here. (Prediction: Kenny Omega)

CONSENSUS: 3-0 for Kenny Omega

Nick Aldis vs. Cody Rhodes (NWA World Title)

Brad: Billy Corgan, the NWA and Nick Aldis have done an admiral job in rebuilding the stature of the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Cody Rhodes winning the title his father held in the main event of the monumental show he is promoting is too good of a story to pass up. (Prediction: Cody Rhodes wins the NWA World Title)

Ian: That this match isn’t going on last leads to the idea that Aldis could actually retain. It feels as though the NWA World Heavyweight Championship would be made to feel more important if it changes hands on this show, however. That could potentially lead to Aldis and Cody feuding over the title in ROH but that depends on what deal the promotion has with NWA owner, Billy Corgan. The NWA will be hosting their 70th Anniversary show in October, which could be main event’ed by Cody vs Aldis II. (Prediction: Cody Rhodes wins the NWA World Title)

Andrew: This match has been built up for months now, and it’s finally here. Aldis has done a great job as NWA Champion and is no doubt the face of that promotion spearheaded by Billy Corgan. The history here is the story as Cody’s father, Dusty Rhodes, held that title in his prime and has been a goal of Cody’s since leaving WWE. Thus, I have Cody winning it here and dropping it at a later date back to Aldis. (Prediction: Cody Rhodes wins the NWA World Title)

CONSENSUS: 3-0 for Cody Rhodes winning the NWA World Title

Rey Mysterio, Fenix & Bandido vs. The Young Bucks & Kota Ibushi

Brad: This has the potential to be match of the night. Expect an exciting, high-flying bout with all 6 men leaving it all in the ring. It’s a hard match to predict, but I think the Young Bucks and Kota Ibushi will steal the show and get the W. (Predictions: The Young Bucks & Kota Ibushi)

Ian: According to the Bucks and Cody, this match will close the show. While fans will no doubt be enthusiastic to see Rey, this is the Young Bucks night. Their efforts in producing the Being the Elite series is what made this show possible and there should be little doubt they will close the show with a victory. (Prediction: The Young Bucks and Kota Ibushi)

Andrew: This should be the match of the night as it has all of the ingredients to be just that with the names involved and the style that will be presented. Although the two members of The Golden Elite put on this show, I have Rey Mysterio, Fénix, and Bandido winning in an insane crazy match that will not soon be forgotten. (Prediction: Rey Mysterio, Fenix & Bandido)

CONSENSUS: 2-1 for The Young Bucks & Kota Ibushi

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