Allie Character Killed Off On Impact Wrestling

Allie's character on Impact Wrestling has been killed off.

Allie Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling’s Allie is no more. Her character was killed last night in the undead realm (not sure where she’ll end up now). During an intense battle which involved demons, zombies, and Kevin Sullivan being revealed as the leader of the realm, Allie was stabbed in the neck by former Knockouts champion, Su Yung.

Allie is survived by her longtime ally, Rosemary. Real name Laura Dennis, Allie has signed with All Elite Wrestling and was featured on a recent episode of Road to Double or Nothing. She finished up with Impact Wrestling earlier this year.

Allie Killed On Impact Wrestling 3/29

Rosemary traveled to the undead realm last night on Impact in an attempt to regain Allie’s soul. Just when it appeared she had fought off all the evil demons, however, Kevin Sullivan was revealed as the leader of this alternative universe.

“You of all people, know how this works,” Sullivan said. “This is my realm, you are nothing but a serpent. Remember that. All of this that you’ve done is for nil. You don’t own this garden, I do.”

While Sullivan and Rosemary were speaking, Su Yung struck and stabbed Allie. As she lay dying, “Dark Allie” turned back into regular Allie and told Rosemary she was happy to be “whole again.”

Allie was a 2x former Knockouts champion.

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