Allysin Kay Wins NWA World Women’s Championship

Allysin Kay NWA World Women's Championship

Allysin Kay (aka Sienna) won the NWA World Women’s Championship tonight in Concord, North Carolina. Madusa was on-hand to present her the title, though the new champion seemed uninterested in sharing the moment with her.

Allysin Kay Wins NWA World Women’s Championship

Allysin was scheduled to face the former champion Jazz at the event. Unfortunately, Jazz was forced to withdraw recently and Santana Garrett was named as her replacement. The title was vacated and the winner of Garrett vs Allysin Kay would determine the new champion.

After a back and forth match, Kay was able to deliver her “Big D” discus lariat and get the pin on Garrett.

Garrett is a former 1x NWA World Women’s Champion herself. She held the title for 314 days in 2015.

Allysin Kay becomes the 26th woman to win the title and she begins the 36th reign in the title’s lineage. Jazz had held the title for over 900 days before being forced to vacate the title ahead of the 2019 Crockett Cup event.

NWA World Women’s Championship Lineage

The title won by Allysin Kay tonight has a lineage which dates all the way back to Mildred Burke in the 1930s. Burke held the title for 20 years before dropping it to June Byers in 1954. Byers would drop the title to the Fabulous Moolah in 1956.

The Fabulous Moolah is the NWA World Women’s Championship’s most successful champion. She held the title for over 11,000 days throughout 5 different reigns. Moolah’s history with the title splits in 1983, however. WWE (then WWF) split with the NWA and so Moolah was no longer recognized by the NWA as champion. Debbie Combs would be declared the new champion after winning a battle royal in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1986.