Angelina Love & Velvet Sky Debut At G1 Supercard, New Faction Formed

Angelina Love & Madison Rayne debuted for ROH inside Madison Square Garden.

Angelina Love, Mandy Leone, Velvet Sky
Angelina Love, Mandy Leone, Velvet Sky

Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, and Mandy Leone have formed a new faction in ROH.They debuted tonight inside Madison Square Garden at ROH/NJPW G1 Supercard.

Kelly Klein had just regained the WOH World Championship when Angelina Love and Velvet Sky unexpectantly walked to ringside. They were soon joined by Mandy Leone. The three then attacked Klein, leaving her laying beaten in the ring.

The faction will go under the name “Allure”.

Madison Rayne Pitched Beautiful People To ROH, Then Left For Impact

Madison Rayne and ROH recently decided to part ways. Her departure was covered in a report from the Wrestling Observer last month.

“(Madison Rayne) pitched the return of The Beautiful People and ROH agreed that maybe they would try,” wrote Dave Meltzer. “Different people came up with ideas on introducing The Beautiful People. They pitched her the scenarios and she at first gave an indication she liked them, but a few days later she sent them an email saying she didn’t like any of the ideas. Both sides did leave the process amicably.”

It appears ROH decided to move forward with the return of Angelina Love & Velvet Sky and this new faction will also feature Mandy Leone.