Arn Anderson Compares Ric Flair And Shawn Michaels

Arn Anderson recently compared Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair on his podcast.

Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair are widely considered to be two of the best professional wrestlers of all time. Arn Anderson was recently asked the question of who he feels is the better wrestler between the two.

“That’s impossible to say because they’re different. They are each incredible in their own right,” Anderson said on an episode of his podcast with Conrad Thompson. “Shawn Michaels is to me the consummate babyface. Talk about a guy that does have babyface skills, nobody sells better, nobody can tell a story better in the ring, his ability to make it a comeback that you believe in.”

Anderson would then continue to say that while HBK was the consummate babyface, Ric Flair was the consummate heel.

“Ric – consummate heel,” Anderson continued. “Even though he gets cheered, Ric is still a heel, Ric will always be a heel. He’s just one of those guys you love to hate.”

In terms of who is better between the two, however, Anderson said there is no way to tell.

“There is no way to say one is better than the other,” Anderson concluded.

Anderson’s comments can be heard in the player below: