Aron Stevens & The Question Mark Talk NWA Powerrr & Mongrovian Karate

Aron Stevens & the Question Mark spoke to Chris Van Vliet recently.

Aron Stevens & the Question Mark

Aron Stevens is the NWA National Champion at the moment. He owes some of his success to his Mongrovian Karate Sensai, the Question Mark, however. Both Stevens and the Question Mark spoke with Chris Van Vliet recently about the NWA, Mongrovian Karate, and more.

“Well, it’s been wonderful,” Stevens said when asked about his time in the NWA. “This company, its taken an old-school template, it has applied the modern flair to it like where the wrestling industry is headed but then when you have the template of that studio wrestling setting it just has a nostalgic feel but modern-day thrills and excitements.”

The Question Mark understands English but is unable to speak it. Stevens appears to understand the Question Mark’s Mongrovian perfectly but does not appear to speak the language himself.

“(The Question Mark) hails from the nether-regions of Mongrovia,” Stevens said. “We met on the set of one of my movies ‘Shogun in Malibu’ he was the fight coordinator and I brought him here to the NWA to kind of watch my back, help me out, and we are getting him accustomed to western culture.”

The full interview can be viewed in the player below: