Austin Aries & Johnny Impact Take Personal Shots At Each Other On Twitter

Johnny Impact Austin Aries
Johnny Impact Austin Aries

Austin Aries and Johnny Impact will face each other for the Impact World Championship in 8 days at Bound For Glory. They took some time to build up their feud today through social media and they were not holding anything back. In fact, it’s not altogether clear things didn’t just get intensely “real” between the two.

Austin Aries and Johnny Impact

Johnny got things started by taking a stab at Aries’ height:

Aries took offense to the “short shaming” and offered up some negative comments of his own. He referred to Taya Valkyrie (Johnny’s wife) as “husky” and also made other disparaging comments.

This obviously did not go over well with Hennigan:

Johnny’s wife, Taya Valkyrie, offered her own insights:

How Much Of That Was A Work?

Due to the nature of the wrestling business, it’s not easy to determine how much of what is written above was real and how much was in an effort to build up their match at Bound For Glory. It’s possible it started as a way to build up the match and was taken too far. On the other hand, it’s possible everything written above was a work. Then again, on a rare 3rd hand, it could be that everything happened organically in this situation.

Taya and Aries each offered closing thoughts on the matter earlier today:

Taya will face Tessa Blanchard at Bound For Glory. The Knockouts Championship will be on the line as well.