Awesome Kong Talks GLOW Season 3 (Released Today)

Kia Stevens' two wrestling personalities are Awesome Kong and Tamme Dawson.

Awesome Kong and Tamme Dawson

Season 3 of Netflix’s hit-series “GLOW” was released today. AEW’s Awesome Kong (Kia Stevens) stars in the show as Tamme “The Welfare Queen” Dawson. She spoke to the Miami Herald recently about the upcoming season.

“There’s something in it for everyone,” Kong said. “It makes people appreciate wrestling, even those who never really enjoyed wrestling before.”

She also noted that she gets recognized more for her work on GLOW than she does from pro-wrestling.

“When I leave my house, more people recognize me,” she said. “Not so much when I have my wrestling braids in, no, but when my hair is regular, they’re like, ‘Oh, wow, you’re on GLOW. This one girl recognized me. All her friends talked to me, but she was too afraid. I thought that was the sweetest thing.”

Kong also noted that she was a fan of the original Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling promotion as well.

“I loved the original GLOW. I actually asked Santa Claus to make me a GLOW girl, when I was little,” she continued. “I watched it every Saturday with my little brother, and we would root for Hollywood & Vine to lose. We thought they were the most evil tag team on earth, and we would love to hate them. We hated them so much.”

Kong also played a role in helping to train the other women working on the show:

“I did, which was a big pleasure,” Kong said. “They gave me carte blanche on the big wrestling scene with Liberty Belle [ Betty Gilpin], which was awesome. Her finishing move came in a dream… I was happy with it.”

The full interview with the Miami Herald can be read here.