Backstage News On If Shinsuke Namakura Took Heat For Botch With John Cena

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This past Tuesday on SmackDown Live, former New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) star Shinsuke Nakamura defeated 16-time WWE World Champ John Cena in the night’s main event. Just prior to the finish, however, Nakamura hit a suplex on Cena in which “The Leader Of The Cenation” landed right on his head and neck. It looked to be a very nasty bump and fans were immediately wondering if the Japanese star would take heat for what happened once he returned backstage.

Per a report of Mike Johnson of PWInsider, the incident was considered to be a ‘fluke’ backstage and Nakamura took no heat at all for what happened. Immediately after the match fans could make out a brief conversation between Nakamura and Cena, as Nakamura apologized for what happened and Cena responded by telling him there was no need to apologize. Both men handled the incident with class and it seems as though we can all now move on from it.

With the win, Nakamura has now earned the opportunity to challenge for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam against current title holder Jinder Mahal.