Backstage News On Kevin Owens’ Recent Promos

Kevin Owens has reportedly been allowed to work off bullet points for his promos, rather than regimentally sticking to a script.

Kevin Owens Smackdown

Despite being on the dawn of a new era, ushered in with Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff as Executive Directors of RAW and Smackdown, not everything has changed. WWE still expects the majority of Superstars to adhere to scripted promos.

But not everyone.

One of those Superstars that has been granted more freedom when it comes to their promo work is Kevin Owens.

According to, Owens is instead allowed to work off of bullet points. He is then given creative freedom to link these points together. This decision alone goes to show the amount of faith WWE has in Owens as a performer and talker, despite his previous frustrations with his output.

This trust has already paid off. Last week, Owens unleashed a scathing promo towards Shane McMahon. His words would see him become a spokesperson for not only the WWE Universe but other frustrated members of the locker room.

Primed for a major push, Owens is on course to becoming WWE’s modern equivalent of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. This intentional homage is made all the more apparent thanks to his adoption of the Stone Cold Stunner as a finishing move.

He recently defeated Dolph Ziggler in 17 seconds at WWE’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view. Owens would earn the quick victory after a Stunner.