Backstage News On Length Of Brock Lesnar’s Current Contract

Backstage news on the length of Brock Lesnar's current contract

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The majority thought that Brock Lesnar was done with WWE after WrestleMania 35 but he proved everyone wrong once again by showing up at the Money In The Bank PPV.

The reason for this thinking was the fact that Brock’s last contract expired after WrestleMania and the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Newsletter reveals some details on the new contract he has signed after that.

We noted before how WWE is trying to lock up other stars to long term contracts but Lesnar is known to keep his deals short and his latest deal is like that too.

According to the report, while WWE is trying to lock up other stars to 5-year contracts now, Lesnar has only signed a single year deal with the company.

The exact date of his contract expiration is not known yet, but The former World Champion’s current deal is believed to be expiring sometime in May or June next year.

Brock Lesnar returned to WWE programming at Money In The Bank. He replaced Sami Zayn in the bout and went on to win the briefcase, assuring him a world title opportunity at the time of his choosing.

Since then, he has teased cashing in the contract a number of times but hasn’t proceeded with the same and it looks like the company could continue this gimmick to bring Lesnar on TV whenever they need to, without having to figure out a storyline for him.