Backstage News On The Hiring Of New Executive Directors

News on how the deals with executive Directors came about

Will the new Executive Directors bring positive change to WWE programmings?
Will the new Executive Directors bring positive change to WWE programmings?

WWE announced yesterday that Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff will be returning to the WWE creative teams to lead them as Executive Directors of Raw and SmackDown Live respectively.

While this announcement seemingly came out of nowhere, latest report reveals that the company has been considering this change for a while, at least in Heyman’s case.

According to a report from PWinsider, WWE has been pursuing Heyman to come on board officially going as far back as February this year.

He was reportedly made an offer to join the creative team as a top member around the same time Bruce Prichard was brought back as a Senior Vice President.

However, these conversations were progressing very slowly and they were only able to come to terms sometimes in the past week before the announcement.

There is no news on when WWE contacted Bischoff or when the deal came about, but it’s believed that the two parties agreed to terms sometimes last week as the former WCW Star quietly started canceling some personal appearances around the same time.

While Paul Heyman has not been a part of the WWE creatives in the recent while, he has been working with several stars and the former owner of ECW has provided input for storylines including his client Brock Lesnar and Ronda Rousey.

On the other hand, Eric Bischoff has been away from wrestling for a while. It’d be interesting to see what creative approach these two bring on the table in their new roles and what effect it will have on WWE programming.