Backstage News On What Participants Were Told About The Money In The Bank Finish

News on if the participants were made aware of Brock Lesnar's involvement in the MITB

Brock Lesnar with the Money In The Bank. Photo Credit:
Brock Lesnar with the Money In The Bank. Photo Credit:

WWE was able to pull off a big surprise at the Money In The Bank PPV in form of Brock Lesnar’s shocking win and it appears that the company went to great lengths for being able to do so.

It was reported shortly after the PPV that the Beast was kept hidden backstage and not many people were aware of his presence before he came out in the arena.

However, Pwinsider reveals that the company went even further and even the participants of the ladder match didn’t know that it was going to be the former Universal Champion who will win the match.

According to the report, the participants, as well as the other wrestlers backstage, were kept under the impression that Ali would be winning the bout. Even the former 205 Star was led to believe this up until the last minute.

He was told the real finish of the match very late and even then, Ali was only aware that a star would come out and throw him off the ladder to win the bout but the officials didn’t reveal who it was going to be.

How Brock Lesnar’s reign as Mr. Money In The Bank turns out is something we’ll have to see but for now, people’s reaction suggests that they are not very happy with this decision from the company.