Backstage News On Why Baron Corbin Failed To Cash In His Money In The Bank Contract

"Mr. Money in the Bank" Baron Corbin

It was a surprising moment for fans when Baron Corbin decided to cash in his Money In The Bank contract just 5 days prior to SummerSlam PPV and almost nobody expected him to lose.

After his unsuccessful cash in, Corbin became the third superstar in WWE History to win the Money In The Bank but fail to win the title after John Cena and Damien Sandow.

This led to a lot of rumours about why WWE rushed the cash in just 5 days before the upcoming PPV and more importantly why they called for Corbin to lose the match in such a quick manner.

Many believed he may be injured or have some backstage heat. Though now Dave Meltzer has revealed a completely different reason behind the surprising decision.

A fan jokingly asked Meltzer on twitter if the heated verbal exchange between him and Corbin was the reason why Baron lost his Championship match, replying to which he revealed that John Cena and Mojo Rawley are the reason behind it:

While Dave didn’t open up much about the issue, another report from Cage Side Seats shed some more light on how the two mentioned stars were responsible for it.

According to it, Officials lost faith in the Money In The Bank winner because he couldn’t stand in the verbal battle against John Cena. His twitter rant with fellow SmackDown roster member Mojo Rawley only contributed to Official’s distress.

While it’s widely believed that Corbin wasn’t ready to hold the WWE title, it’s also true that there were many other ways to take the contract away from him and the quick defeat which added nothing to any of the involving star’s profile could have been avoided.

We expect to receive some more updates on Baron Corbin’s failed cash in, in the next few days and we’ll keep you posted as new details come to light.