Backstage News On Why WWE Released Enzo Amore

Enzo Amore
Enzo Amore. Photo Credit:

The story of Enzo Amore being accused of rape became viral on Monday and WWE had terminated the contract of the former Cruiserweight Champion by Tuesday. A lot of people were surprised by the quickness of these events and many fans wondered if the company had some information on the incident which wasn’t made public.

However, if reports from PWinsider are to be believed, this wasn’t the case and Enzo was let go by the company because Officials were furious with him. According to the site, WWE was unaware of these accusations until Monday and they got to know about it when media members reached to them for comments on the story.

Upon learning it, Officials confronted Enzo backstage about the allegations. The Cruiserweight Star denied the accusations were true but admitted that he was aware of the investigation by Phoenix Police. For those who don’t know, Phoenix Police had launched an investigation back in October against Amore after meeting the alleged victim at a local hospital.

The company then sent out a press release suspending the 205 Live Star and sent him away from Barclays Center over the fact that he failed to notify them about the investigation earlier. Regarding his firing, it’s being said that it didn’t happen because of the belief of him being guilty.

Instead, Officials released Amore because they were angry with him as the whole incident put them in a bad spot. They had to respond to media queries over rape accusations on a current Champion and it all happened during one of the company’s biggest TV days.

Enzo Amore already had heat due to several incidents over the past year and this incident was described as the ‘last straw’. After this, there were too many problems with the former WWE Star in the past year hence the decision was made to let him go.

Phoenix Police is still investigating the matter but as of this writing, there are no changes in the case. The accuser Philomena Sheahan recently spoke to TMZ and gave some details on the alleged incident. Meanwhile, Enzo has released a statement denying all the accusations.