Backstage Update On Marty Scurll’s Deal With ROH

Marty Scurll signed a new deal with ROH recently.

Marty Scurll
Marty Scurll

Marty Scurll agreed to a new contract with Ring of Honor this week. The deal is not only the most lucrative in the nearly 20-year history of the promotion, but it also puts Scurll on the ROH creative team. According to a recent update from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Delirious and Scurll will be sharing booking duties but Scurll will likely be the lead between the two co-bookers.

“(Scurll) will work in creative as a co-booker with Hunter Johnston (Delirious) and basically as things are working out will be the lead,” wrote Dave Meltzer. The report would continue to say that Delirious didn’t object to any of Scurll’s booking ideas this weekend.

“The plan right now is for Scurll to determine the direction and for Johnston (Delirious) to run the television shows using Scurll’s ideas and adding in details and formatting it for television,” Meltzer continued. The report would continue to state that Scurll’s deal with ROH allows him to work for other promotions as well with the possible exclusions of WWE and AEW, though he may be permitted to appear for AEW, this is not yet clear.

Scurll is being advertised for the next set of NWA Powerrr tapings scheduled for January 26th in Atlanta.

Delirious is said to be happy about the deal, as it takes a lot of the pressure and anxiety away from his role. He has been on the ROH booking team since 2010 and head booker since 2012.

Marty Scurll As The Leader Of The Dark Order?

Scurll was reportedly set to be the revealed leader of the Dark Order stable in AEW as well. There was said to have been an idea that Scurll would debut as the leader of the stable on the 12/18 edition of Dynamite but ROH then made Scurll a substantial offer to stay with them.

Matt Hardy’s name has also been linked to the role of the leader of the Dark Order stable.