Bandido Re-Signs With Ring Of Honor

ROH has re-signed Bandido.

ROH re-signs Bandido

Bandido has re-signed with Ring of Honor. News of the popular luchador’s new agreement with the promotion was announced recently through ROH’s social media channels.

No details on the terms or length of the contract have been released.

Bandido Re-Signs With Ring of Honor

24-year-old Bandido was ranked the 81st top single’s record of 2019 by Pro Wrestling Illustrated last year. He is currently the Heavyweight Champion for the Crash promotion in Mexico. Bandido is also the current PWG Heavyweight champion and won the Battle of Los Angeles last year.

Daniel Bryan Says Bandido Would Have Succeeded In WWE

Last summer, Daniel Bryan expressed wanting Bandido in WWE during an interview with Super Luchas.

“I could say: ‘Wait a minute, I want Negro Casas in WWE’ or something because I love Blue Panther, I love Negro Casas,” Bryan said when discussing what luchadors would work in WWE. “The first time I saw a fight of his was about 1987, but he is amazing. In 2019 he is still impressive. Then I have a lot of respect for them, but thinking about who could do it now in WWE, I could tell someone like Rush. I think Bandido would do it big; also, Dragon Lee could succeed.”