Baron Corbin On Why Vince McMahon Is His Fan

King Corbin explains why Vince McMahon likes him

Baron Corbin
Baron Corbin. Photo Credit:

There have been reports of Vince McMahon being high on Baron Corbin and they seem true considering the fact that he has been pushed as one of the top heels of the company in recent times.

During a recent interview on the Cheap Heat podcast, the former NXT star talked about a number of things and he also revealed why he thinks the Boss likes him.

According to Baron Corbin, Mr McMahon is a fan of his, because he is a big dude with legitimate toughness and he is a little bit old school:

“I think Vince McMahon has been a fan of mine because I’m a big dude, a little bit old school, and have legitimate toughness. He sees motivation in certain guys and certain guys want to have it and some don’t.”

Continuing on the topic, King Corbin revealed how they came up with the ideas for his Constable Corbin gimmick including his shaved head look and in ring attire.

Apart from this, Baron Corbin also talked about his match with Kurt Angle at this year’s edition of WrestleMania which was the farewell match for the WWE Hall Of Famer.

Corbin first talked about the reaction he got online for the bout and he then praised Angle for his old school mentality and the willingness to give back to the business on his way out.