Baron Corbin Reflects On Backstage Heat When He First Joined WWE

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Baron Corbin has always been willing to court controversy, as attested by his use of social media and engagements with pro wrestling fans. Apparently, he also had to deal with animosity amongst the WWE locker room when he first arrived.

Speaking openly with Booker T’s podcast, Heated Conversations: Hosted By Booker T, the current Raw authority figure engaged in a number of different topics, including transitioning from pro sports to the rigours of pro wrestling, his pro football background, his current role on WWE programming, and experiencing brazen dislike from others in the locker room.

Corbin confessed that he felt undeniable heat from his colleagues when he first arrived at the WWE, noting that he fully expected any competitive workplace to have the same vibe. 

“100% [there was heat], but I think that’s anything in any competitive business whether it’s UFC, the NFL, or WWE,” he said. “It’s a competitive business and everybody wants to be the best, and when there’s a new guy coming in and there’s buzz about him — ‘Oh, he was a pro football player’ — you instantly have people that don’t like you because they’re afraid you’re going to take their spot.” 

“Of course, I poured salt on the wound,” Corbin joked, “saying, ‘yeah, I’m going to take it – I get paid more than you and I’m better than you.’”