Baron Corbin Responds To Speculation That He’s Being Buried

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SmackDown Live star Baron Corbin isn’t shying away from speculation that he’s in the WWE dog house.

After winning a Money in the Bank briefcase back in June, Corbin has been making headlines in recent weeks for his Twitter tirades. At one point, he got into it with Mojo Rawley online, with Rawley getting the final word in that exchange.

Corbin later talked trash to Dave Meltzer for being critical of him, arguing that Meltzer had no right to judge his work since Meltzer never wrestled a match. That argument doesn’t hold a lot of water, but the real damage was done when Corbin was responding to fans who defended Meltzer.

Twitter user @GetUpMike (Mike Gilbert) told Corbin that Dave Meltzer is more respected in wrestling than he’ll ever be. Corbin called the guy a loser, but Gilbert revealed that he’s a 14 year veteran of the US Airforce and served two tours of Afghanistan. Whoops.

Last week, Baron Corbin cashed in his MITB contract only to lose the impromptu title match to Jinder Mahal in one of the shortest matches in WWE history. At SummerSlam, Corbin decisively to John Cena in a match that left a lot of people with the impression that the company is souring on him and he’s being buried.

On the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio reviewing SummerSlam, Dave Meltzer made it clear: “He’s definitely being punished.” Losing a match, especially to John Cena, is not by itself an ominous sign. But Cena openly mocked Corbin during the match and it was clear by the booking that Corbin was not being protected. Meltzer speculated that he wouldn’t be surprised to see former NXT Champion Bobby Roode get called up to SmackDown and take Corbin’s spot as one of the top heels on the brand.

Baron Corbin tweeted the following on Monday noon, letting the people talking about him know that their opinions don’t matter.