Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Baron Corbin Talks Dealing With “Morons” On Social Media

WWE Superstar Baron Corbin appeared on this week’s episode of After The Bell with host Corey Graves. The outspoken SmackDown star tackled numerous topics on the show, with one of the most prominent being how he deals with fans online. Particularly, as Corbin puts it, “morons” on social media.

Baron Corbin Owns Neckbeards

Corbin argues that vocal ‘Internet fans’ only represent a 5% sliver of the WWE audience and don’t know what they’re talking about when they’re critical of him.

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“It is crazy, it’s never ending, it’s crazy to me,” Corbin began. “We say social media, like that’s like 5% of our audience. Because the little kids and the parents out there? They don’t understand the terms that these morons use. You have these idiot neckbeards that want to critique everything that you do and then be like ‘you’ve got four moves.’ Actually I can do about 600 but when I do four it irritates you more.”

“‘That irritates you? Now I’m going to wear two. Thank you.’ Like, it’s so simple.”

Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin would elaborate further, discussing how he uses the comments he gets online to further his character building.

“I actually can use social media as a cheat code” Corbin stated. “Because they’re literally going, you know @John4576213 on his 12th profile is like ‘hey man, your vest looks dumb.’ and I go, ‘okay that irritates you? Now I’m going to wear two. Thank you.’ Like, it’s so simple.”

Do The Fans Understand ‘Heat?’

Corbin finished by discussing his reaction from the live crowds as well as those fans online. “They want to say, like, ‘oh he’s got go away heat.’ When I walk out that curtain? Everybody is booing me. That’s, like, they just don’t understand about heat. ‘This bad guy is getting boo’ed or he must not be good because I would like him if he was good.’ THAT’S NOT THE POINT. You know what I’m saying? They just don’t understand it and I, and it blows my mind I’m like, you people can’t be this stupid. Like my job is to make you literally hate me and I’ve had been in the ring with guys on all levels, and standing there and hearing the boos, and they’ll go ‘hey man, and they’ll turn the microphone so people can’t hear him and they’ll whisper ‘this is Vickie Guerrero heat I haven’t heard this in five years.’

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