Batista Discusses Family Sacrifices From WWE Career


Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Batista was recently interviewed by SPORTbible. “The Animal” talked about several professional wrestling topics, including the grind of being on the road with WWE. Batista said he has always had a great work ethic, but it skyrocketed after working with WWE:

“I also think that being on the road with WWE is such a grind,” Batista said. “It really just developed my work ethic, I always had a strong work ethic but nothing like after I came out of the WWE.

“It really prepared me to just tolerate anything. You have to have a really thick skin there to begin with, but you also have to just pull your weight and be willing to sacrifice.”

While the travel schedule may improve one’s work ethic, it may strain the relationships of talents with their loved ones. Batista said that he had to make a lot of family sacrifices, including one of his marriages:

“I have sacrificed a lot,” Batista said. “I have been through a lot of injuries, a lot of lost time with family. Throughout my wrestling career I just… I was never home. I lost a marriage with someone who was a very, very close friend of mine. We still remain friends, but just never being home just tore our marriage apart.”