Batista In ‘Deep Talks’ For WWE Return, But AEW Also Interested

WWE has been setting the stage for Triple H vs. Batista at WrestleMania, but AEW is also trying to sign The Animal


WWE legend Batista has a big choice in front of him. Does he return to WWE for a headline match at WrestleMania, or roll the dice and and join All Elite Wrestling?

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Batista is “deep in talks” with WWE about a featured role at WrestleMania. However, WWE is no longer the only game in town with deep pockets. Executives from AEW have also been courting the Guardians of the Galaxy star and he’s said to be on the fence about which way to go.

Batista’s most recent WWE television appearance was back in October. He appeared alongside his former Evolution teammates at SmackDown 1000. The Evolution reunion ended with a tense stare-down between Batista and Triple H, leading fans to believe WWE was planting the seed for a WrestleMania showdown.

Triple H was injured at Crown Jewel the following month and underwent surgery to repair a torn pectoral muscle. He recently revealed that his recovery is going well and he’s been cleared to train again. Triple H would presumably be healthy in time for April 7th, but it’s not a sure thing that WWE can get Batista on board.

Batista’s Choice: WWE or AEW?

Should Batista return home to WWE or lend his star power to the upstart competition?

In WWE, he’d most likely work against Triple H. This is a ‘farewell’ feud he has talked about for years. One final run with the company ensures he will be portrayed favorably in the future. On the flip side, Batista has been outspoken about WWE in recent years. He still loves professional wrestling, but can’t stand WWE writers. He’s gone so far as to say he would like to return to WWE, but only work non-televised shows, so he doesn’t have to deal with writers.

All Elite Wrestling offers Batista the same thing they can offer Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho and other big names: Big money, more creative freedom and a lighter schedule. With AEW looking to secure a television deal, Batista is another household name that could put their TV negotiations over the top.