Batista Says WWE’s Creative Process Has Become Worse

Batista says WWE's creative process has gotten worse in the last 5 years.


Batista recently said in an interview that WWE’s creative process worsened between his runs with the company in 2014 and 2019. Speaking to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Batista called WWE’s creative process a nightmare which has only gotten worse.

“The creative process, I still don’t get,” Batista said. “It was a nightmare to me the last time I was there, which was 2014, and it seems like it’s become worse. I feel like they don’t have a clear vision, a long-term vision, everything is very week-to-week. It doesn’t seem like they stick to a plan very much.”

“We’ve had our differences, but Vince has always been good to me,” Batista stressed later in the show.

Batista’s comments come on the heels of similar opinions being expressed by Jon Moxley and others in regards to WWE’s creative.

“Toward the end and especially in the last few months and especially now looking back,” Moxley said on Wade Keller’s podcast. “I always pictured myself as one of Vince’s guys because he liked me. Now looking back on it I’m like “Vince is like the problem, Vince himself is a problem.’”

Batista On Wrestling Triple H At Mania

Batista also mentioned on the show that him and Triple H weren’t able to rehearse their WrestleMania match out of fear of Triple H re-injuring his torn pec.

“We were scheduled to train, and we did go to the training facility, but we didn’t train. Because he said ‘I can get in the ring, and I can work out and I can feel a little more confident,’ He said, ‘or I can get in the ring and I can re-tear my pec.’ He said, ‘let’s be safe about this, we’ve been in the ring enough, we know each other.’ So we did. We did not touch each other in the ring until we got to WrestleMania, that was it. So I am really proud of what we could accomplish. Because it could’ve been better, it could’ve been better, but it could’ve been a lot f—ing worse. Like, It could’ve been disastrous and I think, considering, I’m very proud of what we accomplished. ”

Batista announced his retirement shortly following WrestleMania.

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