Bayley Believes Women Will Headline WrestleMania


Bayley recently talked to The Star promoting the upcoming WWE Live Tour 2019 which is set to take place at the Sheffield FlyDSA Arena, Sheffield, England on May 16.

Besides talking about the tour, Bayley also said that she believes WWE WrestleMania will be headlined by female superstars in the future.

She said she does not know when or where it will happen, but according to her it is inevitable.

“Oh yes, I believe it definitely will happen,” said Bayley. “I don’t know when or where but with everything we’ve accomplished over the past few years I definitely know its going to happen. I don’t know who it will be. But I can’t wait for the day.”

Bayley also talked about the fact that how it was looked down upon for girls watching wrestling, and how much that is changing right now. She recalls her childhood when she used to be called weird for watching wrestling.

“It’s very cool to inspire other girls to be a WWE star. They used to say it wasn’t a girlie thing and it’s something i used to get all the time – they looked at me weird because I watched wrestling. But now it’s such a normal thing to be a fan and cool to be a female superstar some day.”

You can listen to the full interview on The Star’s website by clicking here.

WWE’s Sheffield tour has names such as Bayley, Sasha Banks, Finn Balor and Dolph Ziggler lined up for the event. Matches already set for the card are Braun Strowman vs Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose. You can check out more info here.