Becky Lynch Comments On Bond Between Her And Conor McGregor

Becky Lynch Ronda Rousey
Becky Lynch Ronda Rousey

Don’t tell Becky Lynch that she is channeling her inner “Conor McGregor”. The Man isn’t channeling anyone and she wants to make sure people know.

Lynch responded to an article by Apple News earlier today, refuting that she is doing a Conor McGregor impersonation.

“The Man channels no one. & me are bonded as Irish brother & sister. But if I ever got within 2 miles of him I’d break that bond, and his arm, in three short seconds.
I’d be too tempting; he’d completely understand too. Proper12 after.”

Becky Lynch And Conor McGregor

In 2016, Lynch responded to Conor McGregor’s early retirement claims by inviting him to join her in WWE.

Later that year, Becky beat Conor out for an Irish sportsperson of the year award and she made sure to let Conor know about it:

The radio station then offered up the following post to explain their decision to pick Becky over Conor:

Earlier this year, however, Becky Lynch said she believes Conor McGregor would be a big success if he ever came to WWE.

“He would absolutely be a success. He is WWE,” Lynch told Newshub. “A lot of his influence, a lot of his popularity and success is from taking elements of pro-wrestling and putting them into his UFC character and persona you see.”

Becky Lynch is currently on the shelf with a concussion. As of this writing, there is no timetable for her return to the ring.