Becky Lynch Discusses Pursuing Acting And Stunt Work Before WWE

Becky Lynch WWE

Becky Lynch: Viking stuntwoman? Almost.

“The Man” sat down with Fox News recently and discussed how her pre-WWE career path nearly led her to working as a stuntwoman on the History show, Vikings.

Becky Lynch On Working Stunts and Getting Back Into Wrestling

After wrestling around the world in her teens and early 20s, Lynch quit the business and returned to school.

“I left college and I got my acting degree, and I was looking for work,” Lynch said. “I handed in my resume and headshot to ‘Vikings’ because they were filming in Ireland.”

Lynch says that the show’s producers were looking for someone who could do stunts, and figured that given her wrestling background, she could be a fit.

“I’m like, ‘Yeah, I can do stunts. I’m a stuntwoman. That’s what I do’. Then I hung up the phone and I’m like, I have to figure out how to be a stuntwoman,” Lynch said.

Lynch says she went to a wrestling school to take some bumps to prepare for her potential new career.

“The guy that’s running the class goes, ‘Have you ever gone for a WWE tryout?’ I said no, I’m acting, I’ve got my flights booked, I’ve got my visa paid for, I’m going to New York. I’m a stuntwoman, apparently,” Lynch said.

She says that all it took for her to pursue WWE was for the wrestling school instructor to give her a vote of confidence.

“He goes, ‘I think you should think about it. I think you’d get it.’ I thought about it for maybe two seconds. Maybe less,” Lynch said.

“That’s it. That’s what I’m meant to do.”

And the rest is history.

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