Becky Lynch Mocks Corey Graves’ “Heenan-Lite” Routine

WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch got fans talking over a recent tweet that she sent out towards WWE color commentator Corey Graves, who calls both Monday Night RAW and SmackDown Live.

Lynch is preparing to make her next title defense against Charlotte Flair and Asuka in the first-ever TLC Match at the TLC pay-per-view event on Sunday, December 16th, 2018 in San Jose, California at the SAP Center that will air on the WWE Network.

This is the latest step in her career under the WWE banner as she continues to be one of the biggest stars that the WWE has right now not only on SmackDown Live but on the entire roster.

On Wednesday afternoon, Lynch decided to have some fun at the expense of Graves when she mocked him in a tweet that appeared to be random. She wrote, “So Graves has been saying I’m too cocky, and I talk too much on social media – like that’s a bad thing. I drum up more interest in 1 tweet than you do with 5 hours of your Heenan-lite routine every week. Listen, I’m here to make history, you’re just here to observe me do it.”

This is when Graves responded to her message by writing, “I’ll admit it. It’s tough to go FULL-Heenan when the boss is actually paying attention to your work. You’ll realize that someday.”