Becky Lynch Reveals She’s Been Working Injured

Becky Lynch
WWE SmackDown Women's Champion Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch survived two title matches with Charlotte Flair this last week. She’ll have to defend her title against Flair yet again at Evolution, however, this time in a Last Woman Standing match.

Lynch recently revealed she’s been working injured lately as well. She revealed on Twitter recently that she has a cracked jaw.

She is believed to have suffered the injury at Super Show-Down on Saturday in Melbourne, Australia. Last night on Smackdown, Lynch was speared through the stage by Flair following their match being ruled a double count-out.

Becky Lynch in 2018

Becky Lynch has become one of the most talked about Superstars on the WWE roster as of late. While her rivalry with Charlotte Flair hasn’t always gone the way some fans have wanted it to, it’s hard to argue that Lynch is more popular now than she’s ever been.

Unlike many others from her NXT class, Lynch was not a blue-chip prospect when she signed with WWE in 2013. Lynch was already 11 years into her pro-career by that point and had even quit the business once already. Her NXT career didn’t get off to a hot start either. She was given an Irish dancing gimmick which thankfully was abandoned not long after it began. In the following years, however, Lynch would be a key figure in the development of NXT’s women’s division and the subsequent Women’s Revolution/Evolution.