Becky Lynch Says Ronda Rousey Disrespects Her Business

Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch recently had an interview with US Magzine and when asked about her arch-rival Ronda Rousey, she had the response you’d expect from the man.

Becky was asked about her WrestleMania opponent and replying to the question she said that the former UFC Star only knows how to win and she can’t handle her losses.

Continuing on the topic, Lynch brought up Ronda’s absence from WWE Programming since WrestleMania, saying that she has incredible athletic abilities but her heart isn’t in the business.

Finally, The Man said that she is very happy to get rid of the former Women’s Champion claiming that Ronda Rousey disrespects her business:

“I’m happy I beat her. I want to get rid of her… She doesn’t deserve to be here. She’s disrespected my business and I am delighted that she’s gone. If she wants to go and have a family, that’s great for her. Sail off into the sunset. But I’ll be here running the show.”

As we noted before, Ronda Rousey recently underwent hand surgery and she has no immediate plan of returning to the company anytime soon. She goes as far as admitting that she might never return to the ring again.

On the other hand, Becky Lynch appears to be at the start of an epic title reign and she is expected to defend both her titles in different matches at the upcoming Money In The Bank event.