Becky Lynch Trades Shots On Twitter With Edge & Beth Phoenix

Edge, Beth Phoenix, and Becky Lynch recently traded shots on Twitter.

Becky Lynch Edge

Becky Lynch recently traded insults with Edge & Beth Phoenix on Twitter again. Lynch and the couple were also involved in an online spat last month. Seemingly no topic was off-limits either as Becky joked about Edge’s career-shortening injuries and Phoenix’s performance at the commentary table.

Becky Lynch vs Edge & Beth Phoenix on Twitter

The Twitter beef started when Lynch responded to a comment Phoenix sent to her husband:

Edge then offered up the following to Becky:

This was when Xavier Woods decided to follow the thread.

Lynch then responded to Edge with a shot at Beth Phoenix’s commentary:

Beth Phoenix then responded:

Lynch then challenged Phoenix to find her:

Previous Beth Phoenix & Edge vs Becky Lynch Twitter Beef

Becky Lynch was involved in a Twitter beef with Edge and Phoenix last month as well. That interaction actually led to Becky confirming that she and Seth Rollins are together.

Edge had interjected himself into a Twitter back-and-forth between Beth and Becky when the Man Tweeted out the following:

Lynch and Rollins were also shown at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony sitting together as well. They both dawned the famous Hart Foundation shades during Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart’s induction.