Being The Elite (Ep. 131) Recap: “BTE On Christmas Eve”

Being the Elite 131

It was a Christmas Eve special this week on Being the Elite. While much of the episode focussed on the cast’s memories of 2018, Cody also sent out a message regarding where they plan to go in 2019.

“I know a lot of people think what we’re getting ready to do is a big gamble. Some people think it’s very stupid but I’m not filled with false-hope,” Cody said on the episode. “You the fans have given me real hope and that’s what it takes for a revolution.”

In this week’s episode, members of the Elite shared their favorite and least favorite memories from BTE in 2018.

Matt Jackson Watches Scorpio Sky Eat A Candy Cane

Members of the Elite and SCU are enjoying the holidays at the Young Bucks house. Scorpio Sky then announced he was going to make a toast. He said this was the best year of his career and he owes it to everyone there. This led to Matt Jackson slowly walking up to Sky and offering him a candy cane. Jackson has been gifting Sky candy bars for several weeks now on the show. Then Jackson just watched Sky eat the candy cane for several awkward moments.

Hangman Page Shares His Favorite and Least Favorite Moments Of 2018

Adam “Hangman” Page was shown sitting by a Christmas tree. He shared several of his favorite stories from BTE in 2018. He enjoyed the episode where Cody got “the Money Shakes” and also the one where Marty Scurll sang “Complicated” when the rivalry between Kenny Omega and Cody had broken the faction apart.

Marty Scurll Shares His Favorite BTE Episodes

Scurll then shared a few of his most notable ups and downs from Being the Elite this year. He mentioned getting fired from his recording contract as particularly memorable.

Cody On His Favorite And Least Favorite BTE Moments In 2018

Cody is shown smoking a cigar while holding his front door open, seemingly because someone doesn’t want him smoking in the house. He listed his favorite moment from BTE this year as having been when the words “Bullet Club is Fine” were first uttered. Cody said he felt that saying defined the rivalry he was in at the time.

He also mentioned an unaired bit from BTE that was apparently filmed on the Chris Jericho cruise as his low point on BTE This year.

Cody then addressed the Elite’s future in 2019 with the quotes referenced above.

Kazarian Gets His Holiday Bonus

Kazarian was concerned he didn’t get his holiday bonus. Then, Christopher Daniels found a letter addressed to him. When he opened up what was his holiday bonus, however, it was only a one-year subscription to Honor Club.

Kazarian then chugged a Monster Energy drink and said he wished his boss was there so he could tell him off. I’m pretty sure this was from the Christmas Story movie.

Kenny Omega In An Ugly Sweater

Omega shared a message on Christmas Eve from Winnipeg. He calmly spoke of his favorite moments on the show. Omega then asked the fans to comment on their favorite episodes.

The Young Bucks Tease A Big Announcement

The Young Bucks reminded everyone that the next episode is due to be released on New Year’s Eve. It seems as though next week’s episode could be a particularly interesting one. Earlier this week, Matt Jackson posted a countdown clock on Twitter that expires on January 1st.

Being The Elite: “BTE On Christmas Eve”