Being The Elite (Ep. 134) Recap: “Change The Universe”

Being the Elite 1/14

This week’s episode of Being the Elite followed several members of the AEW roster while in Jacksonville for last week’s rally. Things began with the Young Bucks welcoming Britt Baker to the new promotion.

Britt Baker Confronts The Young Bucks Over Adam Cole’s Murder

Britt Baker signed with All Elite Wrestling recently despite having a rocky relationship with the promotion’s executives, Matt & Nick Jackson. To open up this week’s episode, the Young Bucks welcomed her to the promotion. Baker then asked if they wanted to address the elephant in the room. She then began to confront the Bucks over the murder of her boyfriend, Adam Cole, but she was cut off by the Being the Elite intro.

Young Bucks Comment On Unknown Future In Japan

Matt & Nick Jackson commented on their future wrestling in Japan early on in this week’s episode.

“We’re hopping on a plane today flying business to Chicago,” Matt Jackson said. “Leaving Japan, possibly the last time, for a long time.”

Nick Jackson then noted it could the last time, they don’t know.

“We don’t know what the future will be for us here in this country,” Matt noted. He then said he hopes they can come back because they love Japan but they don’t know what the future is for them there.

Flying Economy Class Vs Private Jet

Matt Jackson pointed out that they’ve done plenty of blogs from the economy section of airplanes but now they are doing one from Tony Khan’s private jet. They noted that their whole families went through about 24 hours travel to get to the rally in Jacksonville.

Scorpio Sky Continues Candy Bar Gimmick

Scorpio Sky continued his storyline involving candy bars this week. He was seen drinking wine with Kazarian when he mentioned he had a case of the “Snickers”. This led to him packing a suitcase, getting on a plane, and traveling to an unnamed city with palm trees, checking into a hotel and barricading the door. Despite going to great lengths to prevent Matt Jackson from continuing the long-running gag, Matt came out of nowhere and handed Sky a Snickers chocolate bar.

All Elite Wrestling Rally Highlights

After Scorpio Sky ate a Snickers bar out of Matt Jackson’s hand, the episode showed clips from the All Elite Wrestling rally in Jacksonville last week. Nick Jackson announcing Double or Nothing in the MGM Grand Garden Arena was shown.

PAC vs Hangman Page Rivalry Continues To Build

Hangman Page was seen taking some promotional photos for AEW. Cody then mentioned Page was looking jacked but not “PAC jacked.”.

Page could only utter “what?” before the camera cut away to highlights of their confrontation at the rally.

Joey Janela Is Not Good At Football

AEW roster member, Joey Janela, was shown on the Jacksonville Jaguars practice field. He threw a bad pass, not at all reminiscent of when Mr. Perfect threw a touchdown to himself.

Jacksonville Is The Worst Town SCU Has Ever Been In

Granted, they say this about a lot of towns but the members of SCU were not impressed with Jacksonville this week. The trio was shown on the Jacksonville Jaguars practice field as well and Christopher Daniels complained about it being humid and not being able to find a good flavor of Monster energy drink.

Cody Is Taking MJF Under His Wing

Cody told Hangman Page and the Young Bucks he’s taking MJF under his wing this week and introduced him to them. When Cody wasn’t around, however, MJF told the Bucks and Page he doesn’t plan on being their “cool friend” and said he was better than them. Once Cody came back, however, he went back to being friendly.

Reliving Chris Jericho’s Rally Appearance

Clips of Chris Jericho standing on the stage at the rally with pyro exploding all around him was shown. Parts of Jericho’s speech from the rally was also shown as well.

“It starts now and it starts forever,” Jericho said at the rally. “I’m not here to change the world, AEW is not here to change the world, we’re here to change the whole universe!”

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