Best Friends Showing Signs Of Dissension On World Tag League Tour

Best Friends
Best Friends

A tag team which has been successful in Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling and PWG might be falling apart on the World Tag League Tour. Chuckie T has gotten himself disqualified in multiple matches now and even took a swing at his partner and supposed best friend, Beretta.

Most recently on the World Tag League Tour, Chuckie T got disqualified for hitting Michael Elgin with the chair. It looked as though he was going to again take a shot at Beretta when his partner came to stop him, only Chuckie just went in for the hug instead. Beretta has been acting suspicious of his partner during at least the last 3 round-robin matches.

The team is 5-4 in the round robin thus far and by no means out of the running to make the finals. The dissension the team has been showing, however, seems to indicate they might not even be together much longer.

Is Chuckie T Jay White’s Mole?

Chuckie T’s actions in the World Tag League also bring up the possibility that he is the mole Jay White has been referring to. Earlier this fall, White said he still had a mole working for him from within Chaos. As the Best Friends Are technically a Chaos team, it’s possible Chuckie could turn out to be the mole Jay White was referring to.