Best of The Super Juniors Night 4 Results

New Japan Pro Wrestling’s premier tournament for the Junior Heavyweight Division has now begun. The 2018 iteration features some of the finest high flying and technically gifted athletes on the planet and should present some top tier bouts over the next few weeks.

Here are the results from Night 4 of the tournament which featured the combatants in Block B:

SHO b. Chris Sabin SHO took the win after hitting then package piledriver and getting the pinfall

Dragon Lee b. Ryusuke Taguchi – Taguchi had an ankle lock applied but Lee escaped and hit the Desuncadora for the win

KUSHIDA b. Marty Scurll – Great match, KUSHIDA hit a a knee trembler and Back to the Future to secure the win

El Desperado b. Hiromu Takahashi – Another one for the ‘shock’ column, Desperado attempted to hit low blows on Takahashi multiple times, after distracting the referee for the third time in the match he followed up by low blowing Takahashi and hitting the Guitara De Angel…but Takahashi kicked out. Desperado followed up with an Angel’s Wings for the three count and the win