Big Cass Back On Crutches, Could Be Headed For Another Surgery?

Big Cass

WWE was believed to be playing an injury angle with Big Cass at the start but his damage is starting to look more legitimate as the days are passing by.

We reported before how Cass was noticeably limping backstage during this week’s episode of SmackDown Live and now Pwinsider has given another update on his situation.

According to the site, Cass is back on crutches and is being evaluated by doctors to determine if the SmackDown Star requires another ACL surgery. If he does then he will be put on the shelf once again for at least 6 months.

For those who don’t know, Big Cass was helped backstage after his match during a Live Event last week and soon after this WWE reported that he has suffered an injury.

These events were followed by Cass’ removal from the announced Money In The Bank qualifier match against Samoa Joe and at the beginning people believed that the whole thing was a work.

In the wake of the reports of the SmackDown Star having backstage heat, many thought that the company was just punishing him for going off script, however, things have changed since then.

After the latest updates, it appears that Cass is legitimately hurt and seeing how his condition is getting worse, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he undergoes another surgery.

Big Cass underwent a surgery for a torn ACL back in August last year and it forced the former Raw Star to miss almost 8 months of action before returning to ring last month.

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