Big Cass Breaks Silence On WWE Firing

Big Cass

In a recent interview on Booker T’s podcast, Heated Conversations, William Morrissey, or better known as Big Cass, finally broke his silence on why he was released from the WWE.

Life After WWE

“I’m doing good, just living my life right now,” Cass said. “Hitting the gym, waiting for my 90-day [no compete clause] to end. Anticipating what’s next on my schedule, trying to get myself in the best shape possible. Just living life, I don’t know how else to say it.” 

Cass On Being Released

“If I’m going to be honest with you, I made a lot of mistakes. I made a lot of mistakes in a very short period of time,” Cass admitted. “I did some things that I shouldn’t have done. I guess the company couldn’t rely on me and couldn’t trust me. Look, I’ll just be honest with you, in my opinion, they made the right decision for them.”

“It was the right decision to get rid of me at that point in time – not to say I won’t be back – but at that point in time, they definitely made the right decision for them. To be honest with you, looking at it they made the right decision for me. Everyone makes mistakes, but when you make that many mistakes in that short of a period of time then you lose people’s trust and you’re not reliable anymore.”

“Yeah, I would have, [fired myself]. I definitely would have fired myself. If I was in Vince McMahon’s position, I would have fired myself for sure, one-hundred percent.”

Back From Injury

A little after Wrestlemania 34 Big Cass made his return back from injury now on the Smackdown brand. He was immediately placed into a feud with Daniel Bryan in where Bryan would be victorious through the feud. It wouldn’t be until June of this year that Cass would get released. Numerous sources are stating that Cass’s backstage attitude and not following orders from WWE personnel was the reason for his release. More on Big Cass release can be read here.