Big E Comments On Possibly Becoming Becky Lynch’s Step-Father

Mama Lynch has had quite the impact on Big E.

Big E Becky Lynch

The appearance of Becky Lynch’s mother on social media recently has had quite the impact on New Day’s Big E. The multi-time WWE tag-team champion was involved in a Twitter back-and-forth with Becky Lynch yestereday, who was serving as the go-between for him and her mother.

Big E has since called into the Busted Open Radio show to further profess his love for “Mama Lynch.” He also commented on possibly becoming the new step-father to the RAW and Smackdown Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch.

Big E and Mama Lynch

“(Becky Lynch) clearly approves of me thinking of her mom in this light,” Big E said on Busted Open Radio. “She even made a reference to me being her new step-father.”

Big E noted that Becky Lynch is grown now so he would not have to contribute financially to raise her. He then commented on how he plans to court Mama Lynch.

“I don’t know exactly all of her likes, needs, and turn-on and turn-offs,” E continued. “But I’m going to get to the bottom of all of that.”

E then went back to the topic of possibly becoming Becky Lynch’s step-father.

“I am currently childless,” Big E clarified about his parental status. “So that’s a good way to start. If you’re going to start with your first child, have her be a champion! And it’s ready-made, I don’t have to wait 20 years for her to be turn out to be something decent, she’s already there!”

Big E then cut a “Sexual Chocolate” style promo while Mark Henry offered his approval.

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