Big E Opens Up On Previous Plans Of Adding Members To The New Day

The New Day
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At one point in time, WWE had some plans to add some additional members to The New Day, according to Big E.

The former WWE Tag Team Champion was recently interviewed by The State Journal-Register and in this interview, he was asked about any potential interest in pursuing a singles run.

This is when he dropped some interesting info as he revealed that they originally had plans to add members to the New Day when they first formed.

“The thing is when we first decided to do this (New Day) thing, we honestly saw ourselves as a faction. We had ideas of adding people along of way. But honestly I’m very glad we ended up as a trio because I can’t imagine it as anything else. … But we want to be equipped to do anything, whether it’s tags or singles. We definitely think that is a possibility and something we’re very open to, and we do believe strongly the three of us have the ability to carry that out well.”

Big E continued by stating that a lot of people are very quick to preach about breaking up the group and that it was said by fans almost two years ago that they should separate but they feel that they as a group could continue for a very long time. He noted that they could move on from their current gimmick but stay as a trio.

“We feel like as a trio we have legs to continue for a very long time. And that could mean we move on from the happy, clappy, gospel-inspired music … but stay a trio. Or we move on to singles. There’s so many incarnations of this group that have yet to really be forged and fleshed out”

What are your thoughts on Big E’s comments? Should WWE add more members to the group or keep it the same? Sound off in the comment section.