Big Gimmick Matches Advertised For Extreme Rules

A number of believable gimmick matches are being advertised for Extreme Rules

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston and The New Day. Photo Credit:
WWE Champion Kofi Kingston and The New Day. Photo Credit:

The Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA has recently updated its listing for the upcoming Extreme Rules PPV on July 14th and the arena is now advertising some very interesting matches for the upcoming show.

A total of four matches are being advertised for the event and probably the most interesting of them all is a tables match between the Universal Champion Seth Rollins and Baron Corbin for the title.

If this match is indeed what the company is planning than it will mean that AJ Styles will not only lose his upcoming Money In The Bank match against Rollins but he’ll move away from the title picture soon afterward.

The advertising also supports the theory as it lists Styles in a different singles match and the former WWE Champion is listed as the opponent of Drew McIntyre.

Former World Champion Roman Reigns is expected to participate in the show too and very convincingly, he is advertised to face both Shane McMahon and Elias in a two on one handicap match at the PPV.

The fourth and final match is a Triple Threat for the WWE Championship and it’s expected to see Kofi Kingston defend his title against both Randy Orton and Kevin Owens.

While no stipulation is being advertised for this bout so far, a triple threat will mean that the match will be free of disqualifications and we can expect to see some weapons being used in the fight.

Though this card has not been confirmed by WWE and we’ll have to watch this Sunday’s Money In The Bank PPV to get an idea if the company is indeed planning to go in the mentioned directions with the given feuds.