Friday, October 30, 2020

Big Show Speaks On Crying On TV, Cena’s Early Return, Daniel Bryan

The following are highlights from a recent interview with Big Show:

On if he’s always had the ability to cry on command: “No! (laughs) It’s funny because I didn’t come about being able to do that until I did the movie ‘Knucklehead’. It was funny I did my movie ‘Knucklehead’ there was a scene where I had to get upset in the bathroom. I just screwed a bunch of things up and look in the mirror and for my character it was a real stressful moment and I was trying to cry and I didn’t know how to. How the hell do you just cry? Hit my thumb with a hammer or what? One of the other actors gave me some advice, think about something emotional. Think about something that would take you take that feeling and then bleed off that feeling. Everybody was real supportive and I did the scene and the director said it was good and what he wanted. Then I went to my trailer and then for about 45 minutes in my trailer I could stop balling. And I called my buddy was like dude was is wrong with me? Did I break something? I’m blowing snot bubbles, crying, hyperventilating. What is wrong with me? He said that’s what actors do. When they create a channel to that emotion, then they can tap into it and use it at any time. The weird thing is I’m a seven foot, 430 pound killer monster giant but to show an emotional side is actually a different dynamic for my character.”

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“Was I happy about doing it every week? No. I was like oh geez I have to cry again? I was getting sick of it but it worked out. Now we’ve flipped full circle and we’re rocking and rolling the other way so its good.”

On John Cena’s early return from surgery: “Surprised but not surprised. I knew John was going to come back early. I didn’t know he would come back this early. I’ve known him for a long time. Since day one when he walked in the door his work ethic and the bar that he sets is a lot higher than everyone else. We’ll fly 16, 18 hours to Australia to the Middle East, Abu Dhabi or something like that. After an 18 hour plane right, the only thing I was to do really is get something to eat, have a nice shower and go to bed. John hits, right away he goes to the gym. No matter how little sleep he’s had, he goes to the gym everyday. He has that work ethic. His drive and his commitment, the things he does for the community and outside things we do for this company like Susan G. Komen and Make-a-Wish and Special Olympics and all the things John does. The guy constantly goes. I think one time someone told him he was like 77 or 78 days in a row without a day off. Like he did something every single day. Most of us go bat nuts crazy after 15, 16 days in a row. We all need to be cooled off and sent home so we can keep our mental faculties. He’s just got that drive and work ethic so I knew he would be back.”

On Daniel Bryan’s rise in WWE: “I think it’s fantastic. I got to work with Daniel when he first came in. I did some stuff with him and he was just very talented in the ring, really good at being a guy you can depend on. That’s the thing about having a long-term career in this business is the dependability factor and relatively injury-free. A lot of guys are great talents but are prone to injuries. Daniel is not prone to injuries knock on wood. He’s one of those kind of guys that no matter what the situation you put him in, he’s going to deliver in it well. When you get that kind of reputation, the only place you can go is up the ladder. That’s why it’s funny now they’re telling him he’s not the face of the company and that whole storyline where a guy like Daniel Bryan is exactly what you want in a locker room leader and a so to speak face of the company because it’s a tremendous work load being that face of the company. There’s a lot of outside things that you have to do and you have to have the ability to step up to the plate and really execute on all levels. That’s something Daniel does very well. I’m happy for him because he’s very humble, great guy, great sense of humor.”

Check out the complete interview below:

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